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Coming 3rd Quarter 2019
Here's the first trailer for All About Books - The Movie.

This minor motion picture is based upon Public Excess TV's          
web series All About Books.

All About Books
Our Season One finale sees Paul Kinkade again interview mega-cougar Roberta Henderson as she promotes her latest sizzler, The Ones That Got Away

Also Screening

Be sure to check out Episode 13 of our hit show All About Books featuring obnoxious elitist Jack Fonay's unexpected return to the show promoting his latest waste of paper, Meal of Fortune.
It should come as no surprise that the creative wizards behind Public Excess TV and All About Books rely heavily on coffee and tea for inspiration. Thanks to the initial release of our very own mug, we now can fuel our caffeine cravings without having to cup our hands together to hold our favorite brew.
Great News
The long-thought-lost Episode 10 of All About Books has successfully been found and restored for your dubious viewing pleasure.
Featuring a disgusting and unrepentant Stephen Silo, the interview sees Silo dishing up the dirt on his best-selling product, the Firecracker Condom.
You can check out the show on our Programming page.
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