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Exclusive Promo for Season Two
Episode 16 
Season One's spectacular finale as Paul Kinkade reinterviews cougar-at-large Roberta Henderson for an episode full of laughter, lust, tears and regret.
Episode 15 
Paul Kinkade interviews legendary protest singer Melody Finch about her decades-in-the-making book "Everything Chaps My Ass."

Episode 14   
Paul Kinkade interviews comedian Buster Wilde about his latest bestseller "Buster's Last Stand-Up."
Episode 13 
Paul Kinkade once again locks horns with arrogant billionaire Jack Fonay as he slogs his latest waste of national resources "Meal of Fortune."
Episode 12
Paul Kinkade's delightful interview with author Kelly Munch promoting her book "Hisspitality: How To Deal With Freeloaders."
Episode 11
Paul Kinkade interviews trumpet maestro Buddy Cabernet during his promotional tour for his new book "Mother Pucker."


Episode 10 
Paul Kinkade interviews disgusting condom manufacturer Stephen Silo promoting his equally distasteful new book "The Load Warrior."

Episode 9
Paul Kinkade chats with author Kenny Knuckler about his hot bestseller "Nothing Stops Me Rambling."
Episode 8
Paul Kinkade welcomes author Thomas Crisp and his sweet new book "The Bee Whisperer."

Episode 7
Paul Kinkade interviews RH Cmdr. Ponsonby Smythe about his new book "Climbing Kilimanjaro and Other Adventures."

Episode 6
Paul Kinkade welcomes author Allen Asfault to discuss his new book "Forever Love."

Episode 5
Paul Kinkade chats with author Penny Loafer about her new book "Antique Road Shoes."
Episode 4
Paul Kinkade meets Trudi Hart who shares her story of becoming a penpal to thousands of prisoners nationwide in her book "Bar Code."

Episode 3

Larry Ludlow touts "I Don't Care," the only book he will ever write.

Episode 2
In this episode Paul Kinkade locks horns with arrogant trillionaire Jack Fonay as the author promotes "A Simple Life."

Episode 1
In our premier episode Paul Kinkade discusses Roberta Henderson's tell-all book "Too Many Husbands."

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