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Paul Glen Neuman / (Paul Kinkade)
Screenwriter. Producer. Novelist. Actor. Singer. Songwriter. Playwright. Military brat.
Paul is the multi-optioned screenwriter who writes in a variety of genres, including comedy, animation, horror, drama, action-adventure, family, science fiction, thriller, western and mystery.

Paul has eighteen published books to his credit, including eleven action-adventure titles set against a background of international intrigue. His novels have sold in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout Scandinavia. 
Paul is married to PETV's Virginia Neuman.
Paul co-produced and stars in the minor motion picture All About Books - The Movie.
More information on Paul's professional background can be found at:
Virginia Neuman / (Penny Loafer)
Artist. PETV Digital Cover Designs. Art Teacher.
Virginia Neuman was born in London, England and was educated at Chelsea School of Art, London, England. She is a practicing artist, with sales in England, France and the United States. She has worked as a portraitist in all three countries and has had commissions for landscapes and murals. 
Virginia teaches art in the Fillmore Unified School District where she established the independent Art programs at Piru and San Cayetano schools. She also teaches drawing at the Senior Center and art at the Boys and Girls Club in Fillmore.
Virginia works in acrylic, oils and watercolor. She is a founding member of the Artists Guild of Fillmore.
Virginia is married to PETV's Paul Glen Neuman.
Virginia is currently acting in our production of All About Books - The Movie.
More information of Virginia's professional art background can be found at: 
Jack Comeau / (Jack Fonay)
Screenwriter. Novelist. Lighting Expert.
Jack Comeau is an Emmy winning, three times nominated, Lighting Designer who learned his craft from Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, back in 1980.
His clients have included, WGBH in Boston during the 1980's, Head Lighting Director for WWOR in New Jersey/New York from 1989 to 1994, Freelance Lighting Director for KTLA, KCAL, KCET and KTTV all in Los Angeles from 1994 to 2006.
Jack has also worked as a DP/Cinematographer on numerous small independent film and video projects throughout that time.
Jack is featured in our upcoming production of All About Books - The Movie.
Emily Robyn Clark / (Trudi Hart)
Poet. Writer. Actor.
Emily Robyn Clark is a Virginia native who moved to California to pursue her passion for creative writing with an emphasis on screenwriting. She holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University.
She studied poetry under Gregory Donovan, the senior editor of Blackbird, a world-renowned poetry journal. Her work has appeared in A! Magazine for the ArtsThe Sow's Ear Poetry Review, and in a book of prose poems entitled Sketches of Home (Canon Press). Her news and feature stories have appeared in the VCReporter and The Acorn Newspapers.

Paul Squillo /(Buddy Cabernet)

Paul Squillo started playing trumpet at age 10.

In 1969 his high school's big band performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland where Paul was a featured soloist on an international television broadcast of the festival. 

After graduating, Paul played in pop and funk bands, and as principal trumpet in the Elmhurst Symphony. He also played in the third jazz band at University of Illinois, Champaign, but left to pursue a career as an audio/video specialist. 

Paul moved to Fairfield, Iowa, where he owned Golden Ears Audio Video, and met his late wife Eileen, a world-class mezzo-soprano. Paul and Eileen eventually moved to Southern California.   

Paul owns Paul Squillo Music Systems, is interested in high performance audio and photography, is a member of the Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society, and practices TM and the TM Sidhis. Currently he hopes to bring his line of State-of-the-Art home loudspeakers to market.
Anthony Colombo / (Buster Wilde)


Hedi Young / (Roberta Henderson)
Screenwriter. Producer. Director.
Hedi appeared in the first episode of All About Books as author Roberta Henderson promoting her non-fiction tell-all "Too Many Husbands."
Hedi returned for her final appearance as Roberta Henderson in Episode 16 of All About Books to match wits with host Paul Kinkade and tout her newest literary masterpiece "The Ones That Got Away."
Hedi is currently developing projects for her production company, Lost Socks Media.
Brad Bauer / (Mury Mintz and Stephen Silo)
Screenwriter. Technical Director.




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Joseph Bagley / (Thomas Crisp)
Screenwriter. Director. Producer. Apiculturist. 
Joseph Bagley has been employed in Hollywood Film Industry for over 30 years. He has served in many support crew positions on various TV/Feature Film/Commercial productions as well as Writing/Directing/Producing three feature films and numerous shorts of his own.
Joseph has also written numerous screenplays; several of which have been sold or optioned to Independent Film Production Companies. He co-produced, directed and acts in the minor motion picture All About Books - The Movie.

Cris Johnson / (Ennui de Malpersonne)

Cris was raised in Orange County, lived in Hawaii and finally settled down in Ventura. She has a Bachelor’s degree in art and Master’s degree in public administration. Finding that her art habit was not going to feed the kids and keep her in necessary doodads, Cris works in the real world and dreams of being somewhere else.

In spite of the artistic bent she has an irrational talent for organization that keeps her employable. She spent several years as a director in a hotel management company and currently as a public servant where she is up close and personal with the bureaucratic process. 

Outside of real world obligations, Cris completed the UCLA Professional Screenwriting program, has written several snarky screenplays, paints and draws on whatever she can get her hot little hands on, writes books, edits PETV’s “All About Books” program and still has time to annoy her family.

Nick Toulson / (RH Cmdr. Ponsonby Smythe)
Raconteur. Cicerone.
Born, Nicholas George Edward Toulson, in Chelsea, West London, July 1947. The eldest son to George (Joe) & Edith (Millie). Nick was raised in rural Essex & developed a love of the countryside & photography. In his early 20's he trained in middle management becoming accomplished in public speaking & sales. This "quiver of arrows" enabled Nick to develop further in industry where he specialized in marketing new products. 
Later in life Nick concentrated on wines & spirits, with the emphasis on wines, retiring from a major mover in Europe in 2010. In the past few years he has roamed the UK & Western Europe following music makers both new & old, further enabling his photographic opportunities & satisfying his love of travel, too.
Nick will reappear in Season Two of All About Books.
Nick serves as Second Unit DP on our production of All About Books - The Movie.

Philip Rockwell / (Kenny Knuckler)

Screenwriter. Poet. Songwriter.

Phil founded and is moderator of the Ventura County Screenwriters (formerly Oxnard Screenwriters) in January 2002. VCS meets on the first and third Tuesday each month at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Ventura at 7:00 PM.

Phil has written twelve scripts in a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, coming-of-age, family, science fiction, and western. In addition, he has a collection of 65 poems.

He was born and raised in Connecticut but left there in 1966 for better employment opportunities in southern California. He retired from federal civil service in 2011 with forty-four years of service.

When he is not writing he dabbles in ceramics and lapidary.

Phil revisits his Kenny Knuckler persona in our production of All About Books - The Movie.

 Lindsey Hitt / (Kelly Munch)
Recent victim of the charms of a deeper southern California this brunette beauty is from a large Irish-Catholic Santa Barbara based heritage. Lindsey is also ethnically part Native American. That wild fact is yet to be confirmed since her bastard father was adopted from an indian reservation in Oklahoma. With such a sassy personality who is going to second guess! 
This 30-something graduate student in the field of healing arts moved to Ventura in the spring of 2014. She has a brother and sister-law who are both graduates of the popular Brooks College with two sons and a daughter en route from heaven. Her brother is destined to direct movies and has always encouraged her to pursue acting, his motto is "passion over profit." Family is a valuable part of her tribe as are all the friends she meets along her journey. She believes change is a constant and so is the love for all things.
With a wide variety of interests from outdoor activities to tailoring her own clothes Lindsey found her way into stand-up comedy through the variety of Ventura, California open mics. The Sandbox Coffeehouse, Hong Kong Inn, and Ventura Harbor Greenroom have all heard the politically advanced rants of this newfound talent. Captured now at CAPs public broadcasting, Lindsey hopes to continue on the path of entertainment. One of her big dreams is a show of her own discussing all different forms of medicine. Best wishes to this shooting star and welcome to the show!
Lady Jan Faulkner / (Melody Finch)   

Jan started dancing at age three, because she "just had so much energy." She spent decades dancing, singing in club bands, doing musical theater as actress/singer/dancer/choreographer and, of course, teaching dance and choir and moving to California along the way. 

Jan spent six months singing in Japan in 1980; took two choir tours which included London, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel  and Russia; and took a Quintet  tour of Macedonia in the 90's.

She picked up a little AA in Drama in Texas, and an AS in Interior Design from Moorpark in 2004.  Then she veered into the world of fine art, and works in Collage, Mixed Media, and fiber crafts.

Jan has been a member of Buenaventura Art Association for ten years and is a founding member of The Artists Guild of Fillmore. So far, she will be survived by three children and three grandchildren. 

Denis Labrie / (Allen Asfault)
Screenwriter. Songwriter. 
Denis has lived and worked all over the world but found his true calling in 1990’s Hollywood doing whatever it took to work in films. He toiled on many screenplays, some optioned, none produced. In a fit of stupidity he produced a film “Poor Mrs. Sobel” with his own money.
During this time he had two children fourteen months apart and went bankrupt! He went right out and got a real job. Now that Denis got that out of his system he is again happily writing unproduced screenplays, comic books and songs.
When not idling away his life writing, Denis is active in the arts, Environmental movements and loves body surfing.

Cathy Peterson
Editor. Publisher. Screenwriter.
Being creative on many levels, I have a good eye for what works and what will be successful. Whenever I'm doing anything artistic in nature I use my whole self, and that is bliss.
As an editor I will tear your work to shreds. Not because the story is bad, but because you aren't telling it well. If you expect investors to spend MILLIONS on something you've written, it better be ENTERTAINING. Doesn't matter if you're Aaron Sorkin or Ned Nobody. When your "I've got a great story" script reads like a macro-economics textbook, don't be surprised no one is interested.
A good story that reads well get's noticed. A great story that reads well get's made. Period. Great stories find a way. CP